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This spacious accommodation is designed to provide guests with a perfect place to relax

and experience the unhurried pace of island life.

The combination of available space and deluxe amenities of the two bedroom apartment is

truly awe-inspiring.

Open living areas and a  pool ensure splendid exclusivity and a perfect opportunity to enjoy a dream vacation.


Bright spaces enhanced with the warmth
of wood and stone are perfectly
complemented by exquisite decorative details
to give off
the laid-back ambiance.
The apartment opens to a  spacious patio area, set up with a swimming pool of clear turquoise waters and sun-loungers, and a barbeque spot, overlooking the expanse of the cobalt blue Aegean archipelago.



Pachis escape suites features six apartments for guests seeking a retreat of luxury island living. Providing ample space and total privacy, the apartments  are surrounded by natural rockery and indigenous island plants. Huge verandas border buildings, commanding breathtaking views spanning the serene magnificence of the Aegean.